Waves of ice

Waves of ice - Iceland

I have to confess this is probably the toughest landscape image I've captured. Taken on my, well up to now, only visit to Jökulsárlón in Iceland. We drove two hours from the hotel in miserable weather, and it didn't improve all day. Making the image was hard work, the one time when I could have really done with an extra pair of hands. It was windy, it was raining, I was right in front of the pounding surf, and well aware a freak wave could break over the larger ice blocks at any moment. I had one hand on my umbralla, the other on the cable release, and was ready to move quickly if required. The loud boom of the surf as it hit an ice block was quite intimidating. Back up the beach it was possible to single out single Ice blocks in a relaxed and measured composition. In the surf it was more seat of the pants stuff. The blocks of ice were rolling around, so placing one in a certain part of the frame was futile. I just shot three or four images, and escaped before my camera became a cropper !

Nikon D800 35mm lens f16 0.5 second 9/2/2013 14.21.

Jökulsárlón Iceland
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Rushing tide Jokulsarlon Iceland-3

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