Moon and Tide Trebarwith Strand-Edit

Moon and Tide Trebarwith Strand-Edit - Cornwall

I visit North Cornwall every August, and Trebarwith Strand is the nearest coastal feature to where I stay. Like most photographers I have photographed there at sunset and in the evening twilight. This particular morning a higher than usual tide was forecast. The dawn weather was set fair, but with a fog bank off shore. My research showed a waning, but almost full moon, would be visible from my viewpoint. I arrived as dawn was breaking, and had the place to myself. Trebarwith Strand can feel quite intimidating when the high tide is rushing in. I took a few moments to watch te waves, and determine where it was safe to position my tripod. Needless to say I was ready to move quickly if needs be. The sun was rising behind me and shines down the valley. The clouds above were catching the sunlight, the moon was shining, and waves crashing all around. I made several exposures, before retreating. with a sense of elation, but also releif that I hadn't had an early morning shower! Nikon D800 24mm f1.4 lens, 0.5 second at f16, 22/8/2013 06.29. Location Trebarwith Strand
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