Gordale Scar after Desmond

Gordale Scar after Desmond - Latest Work

It had been an eventful day, with the unique sight of a waterfall tumbling over Malham Cove. In the afternoon I took a walk to an old favourite of mine, the western rim of Gordale Scar. As the last of the daylight was fast encroaching I found myself looking ino the gorge. Even from the cliff top the waterfalls were loud. Post Storm Desmond the gorge had more water tumbling through than I've ever seen. For the eagle eyed a couple can be seen, in the depths of the gorge, admiring the waterfall. Nikon D800e 45mm PCE lens f8 5 seconds. 6/12/2015. Location Gordale Scar Yorkshire Dales

Snowbound Strid Wood_

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