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The 6/12/2015 delivered an experience I'll never forget. The roads on the approach to Malham were flooded in places, and Airton Beck was a raging torrent. I arrived in the pouring rain, and enjoyed a brew at the Malham Tarn carpark, The outflow from the tarn was in full flood, but what was to come never dawned on me. I drove back to the village, and out towards the Cove. As I gained a view of the cliff I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a great big bloody waterfall tumbling over the 260 feet precipice. Easily making it the country's tallest waterfall, albeit a temporary one! I walked down to the Cove, the beck was a raging torrent. The places for safe photography were rather limited. I set up and shot of a few images. Thankfully the sun made a brief appearance, just to complete the scene. A local chap told me he thought the last time this phenomenon happened, was back in the 18th century. The water normally enters undergound passages in the porous limestone, and flows out from the foot of the cliff. Nikon D800e 45mm PCE lens f11 0.6 second. 06/12/2015 11.16. Location Malham Cove

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